Preserved Vegetable

Preserved Vegetable

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰Jumbo Brand

Country of Origin︰China

Minimum Order︰-

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Specifications︰ Preserved Vegetable(Shredded) --20 tins x 1000g

Preserved Vegetable(Whole) --20 tins x 1000g

Preserved Vegetable(Slices) --20 tins x 1000g

Preserved Vegetable(Shredded) --48 tins x 340g

Preserved Vegetable(Whole) --48 tins x 340g

Preserved Vegetable(Slices) --48 tins x 340g

Export Markets︰ Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, countries in South East Asia and many foreign countries in the world

Pricing︰ Please contact us for more detail

Payment Details︰ By T/T or L/C at sight